These prices are current as of 2018 for most pianos manufactured after 1950:


Standard piano tuning $175 - approximately 45-60 minutes

This is for pianos that have been serviced annually. It includes one pass over the entire piano and quick touch up at the conclusion as needed. Minor squeaks in the keys, action, and pedals will also be addressed.


Pitch raise tuning $225 (and up) - approximately 60-90 minutes

This is generally for pianos that haven't been serviced in 2-5 years. It includes a pitch raise, and fine tuning. Crockett Piano takes every precaution when performing pitch raises and is not responsible for any strings that break during this service. If the piano cannot be tuned without multiple strings breaking, no further tuning will be done. Tightening of action screws, and other minor maintenance will be done during this service as needed. 


Full service $325 - approximately 2-3 hours 

This is for pianos that have been played heavily or have been sitting unserviced for some time either in storage or in their home. It includes standard pitch raising and tuning, tightening of action screws, easing tight keys, minor hammer alignment, minor regulation, lubrication, string cleaning, washing the soundboard (grands only), vacuuming the interior, cleaning the keys, case, and other minor adjustments as needed. 


Bass string replacement $100, each additional string $45

This includes a custom made duplicate string for your piano and a follow up appointment to retune the new strings. For replacing the entire bass section with new strings, call for pricing.