What is a pitch raise or double tuning?

Many of our customers are new and haven’t tuned their piano for a long time. If it's been more than a year since the last tuning, the piano almost always need a pitch raise (sometimes called a "double tuning"). You can think of a pitch raise as the piano being tuned twice (or more) in one appointment. The technician will go through the entire piano and tune it so that the strings will land as close as possible to the final pitch. Once the piano is close to pitch, the technician will perform a final pass and fine tune the piano.

One of the benefits of tuning your piano every 6 months (other than the piano sounding better of course), is that the likelihood of strings breaking is greatly reduced. When the tension of the strings aren't being changed as drastically, there's less of a chance they will break. If a string (or two) does happen to break during a pitch raise or at any other time, there's no need to worry. We carry a full set of premium treble wire and bass strings, and can special order exact duplicates of bass strings on any piano. This means we can replace strings (in most cases) the same day as the tuning, saving everyone time and headaches!