What you can expect from us when we service your piano:

  • A concert-level tuning by ear 
  • A multi-point inspection to find any issues 
  • A quick cleaning of the keys and pinblock area (grands only)
  • An optional follow up email including a PDF printout of what was done that day and a summary of your piano
  • The flexibility to pay by cash, check or credit

These aren't the only reasons why people choose us, we also help with purchasing new and pre-owned pianos, benches, repairs, rentals, moving and more. Call us today to schedule your piano tuning appointment!


  • 凭人耳调琴达到的演奏会级别效果;只有耳音极好的人才能人耳调琴,那是专业的高手,既得有天赋耳音好又得经过专业训练,我们有15年调琴经验
  • 全方位的检查来确保一切问题都能被发现
  • 对琴键以及龙骨进行清洁 (仅限于三角钢琴)
  • 可选择的后续电子邮件包含了可打印的PDF版本,显示钢琴服务的具体信息以及对您钢琴的评估
  • 接受各种付款方式,可以现金,支票或者信用卡支付



Piano Life Saver System by Dampp Chaser

钢琴救生系统 - Dampp Chaser公司

Crockett Piano recommends installing the Piano Life Saver System to extend the life of the piano and further stabilize the tuning. This works by controlling the relative humidity of the piano year-round. Pianos that have a home in the midwest are subject to extreme humidity fluctuations throughout the year and benefit tremendously from the Piano Life Saver System. Call us today to find out more and schedule your Piano Life Saver System installation! 



Listen to a live in-store performance on this Steinway & Sons grand piano!


From Steinway grand pianos to Kimball console pianos and everything in between, we can help you find the right piano! We specialize in certified pre-owned pianos that include our 5-year parts and labor warranty. You don't have to worry when you buy from us, all of our certified pre-owned pianos go through a multi-point inspection and are cleaned and detailed to look and sound as good as new. Call today for the latest information on our inventory!




5 Tips When Buying A Craigslist Piano


  1. Find out when the piano was last tuned, if it's been much more than a year, count on spending more money for additional tuning. 
  2. Play all 88 keys, if several notes are getting stuck this usually means the piano will need more work beyond tuning.
  3. Open the lid of the piano and look inside for rusty or missing strings. Replacing a few strings isn't a big deal, but much more than that and you're talking several hundred dollars (or more) to replace them.
  4. Check for evidence that mice have lived inside the piano. Some Craigslist pianos even have dead mice still inside! You do not want this health hazard in your home. 
  5. Have a qualified piano technician come and inspect the piano before you make your final decision. They will be able to determine how much work needs to be done to the piano. Sometimes the total cost of ownership of a Craigslist piano is greater than buying a certified used piano from a local dealer.


  1. 查询上次调琴的时间,如果已经超过一年,需要花费更多的金钱进行额外的调琴。
  2.  弹奏全部88个琴键,如果有些琴键卡住,这往往意味着钢琴将需要普通调琴以外的额外维护。
  3. 打开钢琴的盖子检查内部是否有生锈或者缺失的琴弦。替换一些琴弦其实不算什么,但是如果超过一定数量的话您可能会需要花费数百美金甚至更多来替换所有。
  4. 检查是否有鼠类曾经居住在钢琴内部的迹象。有些Craiglist上售卖的钢琴甚至依然有鼠类的尸体存留于其中!您当然不希望这种有害健康因子存在于家居中。
  5. 在您作最后决定是否要买钢琴前,让有资质的钢琴技师来检查情况。他们将能够告诉您需要多少工作量来维护此钢琴。有时一架Craiglist钢琴整体寿命花费的金钱甚至超过从当地钢琴销售代理商买到的鉴定过的二手钢琴。

Piano Gallery


The gallery above is a sample of some of the pianos we service in the Chicagoland area. We are proud to service all brands and types of pianos in Chicago, the suburbs, and northwest Indiana. If you have a piano you are interested in having serviced, call Crockett Piano today at 312-785-9393!



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